Our Competencies

Logistics Competencies

We are creative problem solvers who draw on our technical expertise & broad experience to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.

  • By knowing how to navigate the strategic, tactical, operational levels of any logistics operation, we understand both the ‘big picture’ and operational details
  • As system-thinkers we can explain & optimize the connections between logistics & supply (production, procurement, inventory management) & demand (demand forecasting, retail, customer service)

Business Intelligence Competencies

To quickly deconstruct & diagnose your business challenges, we use a custom suite of business intelligence tools that enable us to:

  • Be highly efficient during the critical & unpredictable stages of data discovery, cleansing & preparation
  • Leverage information, adapting our processes to whatever data files you have available
  • Synthesize disparate data sources to unlock actionable insights

Analytics Competencies

To generate fact-supported recommendations, we apply third-party & proprietary analytics within an expert-managed process that:

  • Employs strategic top-down thinking to conceptualize solutions that are then accurately modeled using precise bottom-up techniques
  • Creates optimal solutions through a transparent & iterative knowledge-building framework that exhaustively & accurately evaluates every relevant strategy