Compatibility Checklist

Your Familiarity with Network Design

  • • You will have previously completed logistics network design studies, so you have a basis for comparison
  • • Your firm uses or has used supply chain network design software before, so you already know its strengths and& weaknesses.
  • • You have already concluded that supply chain design software is not well-suited for your distribution operations, either through previous experience or your own research

Your Operating Profile

  • • You operate a distribution network with a broad range of products with diverse characteristics (item weight, dimensions, cube, Ti, Hi)
  • • You ship to customers in multiple packaging hierarchies (pallet, case, inner, or each)
  • • You operate hybrid storage & handling systems combining conventional, automation or mechanization

Your Challenge or Opportunity

  • • You are either facing or just completing an acquisition that requires the consolidation of facilities, particularly if the consolidating companies operate with GTIN
  • • You are evaluating warehouse automation or any facility level design that may impact your future DC-SKU stocking policy or DC-customer assignment policy
  • • You wish to consolidate facilities across multiple operating divisions.
  • • You have exceeded capacity in one or more facilities & are evaluating your options
  • • You are planning for significant growth
  • • You are evaluating a business challenge that requires a network-level perspective

Your Decision-Making Requirements

  • • Recommendations must meet the specific decision requirements of key stakeholders (Finance, Board, Sales, Operations)
  • • You do not wish to abdicate major decisions to outsiders and expect to participate in the network design process
  • • You demand fact-supported recommendations
  • • You have strong opinions, but are receptive to sound arguments

Your Data Availability

  • • Your firm has invested in information systems that have resulted in a wealth of transactional data
  • • You would like to leverage this data to make better decisions