Authentis – the Firm

Inadequate commercial software leads to poor distribution network design. Though long recognized as an industry problem, nothing was done to tackle this until Authentis came along.

In fact, Authentis was specifically set up to develop a definitive solution for meeting a business challenge that still can’t be solved using conventional tools.

Our clients have been thanking us ever since.


Our Senior team

Authentis is driven by a team of engineers and programmers with diverse competencies and a shared purpose. The same core team has been collaborating on complex projects for the last six years, having learned to deliver exceptional results with pit stop crew efficiency.


Vince Canonico – Founder

As an entrepreneur, I really enjoy creating customer-driven solutions that integrate retail and logistics. Having spent my formative years in retail grocery, I gained an early perspective on the demand-side of logistics.

After acquiring an Bachelor of Engineering & MBA from McGill University, I began a career in logistics consulting that allowed me to design innovative solutions that I could later help implement.

For the last two decades, I’ve used my specialist knowledge and understanding of logistics network design, value chain analysis, landed cost optimization, inventory management, distribution center design & warehouse slotting to help retail & wholesale clients in twelve countries

Before setting up Authentis in 2003, I was a consultant at Kom International, a logistics firm where I’m still a Senior Partner. I also sit on the board of directors of a Montreal brew pub.

Right now, I’m working on Pistop2Go, a unique click and collect solution that addresses the growing needs of online shoppers

Stay tuned.